How to Care for Your Xbox 360

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You now have an Xbox 360, but you do not want it to be smashed, scratched or mistreated. You may worry about it being scratched, but now you can protect your pride and joy.


  1. Dont get rid of the box the system came in and the receipt. You will not have trouble with it or it will not be shipped broken. No problem, bug them until they repair it. Or be clever and get a similar system.
  2. Keep paddles, games, instruction booklets, and any Xbox Live membership cards in a safe place. You can put them in the same box you received your system in as well!
  3. Keep track of the cords. For recharging rechargeable batteries in the USB port, for power, TV hookup, Ethernet cable, any cords, know where they are at all times.
  4. Put on a gamer skin to the Xbox 360. If it accidentally gets scratched, the skin will take the hit.
  5. Get a cooling back to the Xbox 360. This will help the hard-drive not to get fused to the 360 while you play all night long, and will also help prevent the Red Ring of Death.
  6. Put your Xbox 360 directly on a high surface away from dust, or clean it regularly following directions in manual.



  • Have a nice, soft piece of cloth in with your xbox 360 things. If your disks get dirty you may want to give it a quick, gentle, wipe.
  • Put all your games back in the cases after you are done playing Xbox for a while.
  • Keep all the instruction booklets at all times! This will help you defeat a problem by looking in troubleshooting. If its not, find out online or at the company if there is a serious error. It will also be helpful if you intend on selling/trading your game to a used video game store.


  • Never leave your Xbox 360 on for more than one hour without use. It is a waste of power and you may overheat your Xbox 360 if left on for hours.
  • Never have anything on top of the 360. It can damage the 360 or may catch fire if system is overheating.
  • Do not have anything, especially flammable, near the cords of the Xbox at any time. Unless cords are unplugged.
  • Do not play with frayed or damaged cords.
  • Do not move console with a game in the system! This will damage the game inside it! If you ever seen a perfect circular scratch on a game disk you played, you most likely moved it on accident.

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