How to Choose the Correct Video Game for Yourself

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So you are on your way to the store to pick out a new video game. But what is right for you?


Choose a game genre or category. For example, simulators, RPGs Role Playing Games, Platform Adventure Games, etc. If you still can not decide, then look at the games you already have, and choose 5 or so that are your favourite ones. See the tips for a detailed description of each genre.

Check some games websites for your chosen genre of game. For example, if you chose an RPG, then check GameSpy and see if it reccommends any RPGs.

Go to your local or cheapest games shop. If It is split into categories by genre, then skip to step 6.

Ask the person at the counter if he or she knows any good games. Most game shop workers are there because they are into games.

Ask the person to select a couple of games. When he or she has selected their personal favorites, use the filtering system below.

Check the price. The most expensive is not always the best. Then check the back of the box, and see what it says about the game. If you are really lucky and you are at a massive gaming shop, you might be able to play the game, but do not get your hopes up.

Buy from a shop that allows returns exchanges refunds. Sometimes a game can look good but can actually play poorly.

You should now have your favorite game!


Here are some helpful hints about the genre that is right for you.

RTS Real time strategy Games such as Warcraft and Age of Empires. Allows you to build your world from nothing, gathering resources and making your abilities grow as you build new things. Good to play alone or with others as well as against others. Many subcategories available all the way from Ancient civilisations to fururistic Space themes and Fantasy.

SPORT  Orignally produced for PCs and nothing else, Sports games have gained in popularity over the past few years. If buying this variety of game, get official brand games, FIFA etc. Never get sports games made by a clothing label NIKE etc. The best types are made from the EA Sports Company. While boosted graphics are a plus, the game play usually lacks on PC sports games.

SHOOTER FPS  PC shooters are normally better for a single player. Console shooters can get very boring, very quickly, unless you have a few people to play it with.

PARTY  Stay away from this type. It is normally for if you have tons of mates and can play a lot. These games are not much fun for a single player. MARIO PARTY is a good example.

RPG ROLE PLAYING GAME  These are very detailed games, normally with stats. You should want to get quite involved if choosing this type. They range from POKEMON to FINAL FANTASY.

PLATFORMER or ADVENTURE The masters of the platformer are Nintendo. Choose a game such as a Mario game and the Legend of Zelda series or just something simple in this genre.

MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online RPG  Extremely time and life consuming. While playing with hundreds of other people can be fun, you will run into your darker type of players; ninja loots, thieves etc. Just try to remember it is only a game, and games do not stay fresh forever.

SIMULATION  Probably the best ones for beginning gamers and normal people because you can do what you want and see what happens. The best games are the Tycoon games, and any of the sims games, either Sims 1 or Sims 2. But beware, if you want to play any of the expansion packs of the sims University, Nightlife, Hot Date, Unleashed, Livin Large 2000 Version, etc. you got to get the Sims 1 or the Deluxe Edition first. If you can not wait, get the Sims 1 Complete Collection. Flight and train simulators are for the more advanced, experienced gamers. The Sims 2 recently came out with various expansion packs including the sims 2 pets and the sims 2 family fun pack. Also for the Sims 2 there are two STUFF packs which include items for that category. There is the Sims two glamour life which has stylish decor and clothing for your sims. The Sims 2 happy holiday has, well, holiday stuff.

If you have an idea of some games you might like, do some research on the internet. Read reviews, both from popular gaming sites such as IGN or Gamespot, and from other gamers as well. usually has quite a few for each game; search for a title and click the Reviews button. Research beforehand could save you from buying a game you will end up not liking.

Here is the ESRB Game Rating System

EC  Early Childhood. Appropriate for anybody between the ages of 3 to 6. May include stuff that may require reading or math skills.

E  Everyone. This is for everyone over at least 7 years old. May contain little or no violence or dirty words. Resembles the MPAAs G Rating.

E10 plus Suitable for people 10 and older. May include some mild violence, and a few dirty words. The Sims 2 for Playstation has this rating. Resembles the MPAAs PG rating.

T  Teen. Anybody 13 and older could play this game. Most of the western civilization games are under that level. Resembles the PG 13 rating.

M  Mature. The most common game rating because most gamers are over 17 years old. A lot of the war games under this category fall into this. Resembles the MPAA R rating

AO  Just hardcore stuff with intense nudity, violence, sex, and language. Not sold in most major such as Best Buy stores, but is widespread for most of the Internet. Must be 18 or older to buy this game and most people are done with gaming after they get at this level. Resembles the MPAAs X or NC 17 Rating.

RP   Rating Pending. Usually used for advertisements, but when the game hits the stores, it is determined it is rating. Some games, however, do have this kind of rating, just to do a similar trick to the Unrated trick in movies such as American Pie 2.


Check the age certificate. If you are not allowed to play 15s, most shooters have this age certificate.

Be careful. Sometimes games shop workers will try to get you to buy very expensive games, sometimes even asking you to buy an entire console.

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